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How does work with

We’ve taken an active decision to gradually roll out across the UK our Click and Go concept. is the Click and Go section of our nationwide network of local Part P Electricians,

How do you check the Electrician?

All the Local Part P Electricians get a sample job checked every year by a 3rd party company to make sure they are up to scratch. Also, all the Electricians have the right qualifications to do your job and have at least £2m Public Liability Insurance.

How am I matched with a Local Electrician?

When you browse our catalogue of services and tell us what needs doing, we send a notification to the local qualified Electrician in your area. Within 72 hours (Not including Sat/Sun) we will also email you the local Electrician full contact details and at this stage, the local Electrician will be given your contact details. The local Part P Electrician will then contact you within 72 hrs (Not including Sat/Sun) you to arrange a start date and time.

Why support the local community?

By using our website, you are supporting the local people that we reward for delivering our business cards in your area. The local Electricians that will complete your job will live and work in your area. Support us because we cannot do it without you.

Why hasn’t my Electrician called to arrange the work?

The local Electrician is usually contacted within an hour of your booking (if you’ve booked between 6pm and 8am or Sat/Sun) there could be a delay in the Electrician contacting you. Within 72 hours of your booking (if you’ve booked between 6pm and 8am or Sat/Sun) we will email you the Electrician contact details, and you can contact him on the number shown on your emails from us.

What is the booking fee?

The booking fee of £19.50 helps pay members of your community that have delivered our business cards and our staff. Our Electrician doesn’t pay a subscription fee to use us. The price you pay is the cost of the Electrician providing the service, and a small proportion towards us running so we can continue to work hard to recruit only the best local Electrician on our marketplace platform.

How do I make payment?

You only pay a 10% deposit of the Cart total and a booking fee of £19.50 online by debit/credit card and the remaining amount is paid to the local Electrician when the job is completed.

When do I pay the balance?

Once the job is finished and you are completely satisfied with the work done, you will pay the remaining balance directly to the Electrician.

What form of payment does the Electrician accept?

When the job is completed to your satisfaction you will pay the balance owed to your Electrician using either cash or Banker draft and some of the Electricians do accept credit card payments.

What’s included in the fixed price?

Our costs are transparent, so you always know when you’ll be getting charged.

  • Electrical Parts: On the product page please see Additional information to find out what’s included in your fixed price. If you purchase extra services so the Electrician can complete the job, then these will be added to your fixed price, and agreed with yourself beforehand the Electrician starts.
  • Parking costs: Any congestion zone and parking fees are not included in the fixed price quote, if a parking permit is needed and one isn't available, this will be added to your original quote

What’s your impact on the local Electrician?

We only work with independent local professionals Electrician, and unlike our competitors, we don’t charge our local Electricians any type of membership fee. We’re committed to fair rates of pay and helping our local Electrician professionals grow their businesses.

If I end up cancelling the Booking will my deposit be refunded?

Yes, if you must cancel the job, we will refund 100% of the deposit. You will receive a credit for that amount to the account from which the deposit was paid. If we have emailed you the local Electrician full contact details for your job the booking fee is not refunded. Our T&Cs give you further details.

Are rectifying existing faults included in my fixed price service?

No! Your installation service will cover the items stated on the website for your installation service package.

What if my existing faults turns out to be more complicated than what the order provided for?

You and your Electrician will discuss what needs to be done and agree on the necessary changes. Your Electrician will give you a quote for the additional costs rectifying the existing fault before starting the installation.

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Our office hours are between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

FAQs Community distributors

FAQ Community distributors

Are there any requirements for participation?

You must be at least 16 years old and be able to deliver business cards in your local area.

Is there a joining fee?

There are no joining fees or subscription requirements fees. It's free to be a community distributor.

How do I get paid?

We pay our self-employed community distributors via their mobile phone using Paym.

When do I get paid?

When customers have made a booking using your promo code, payment is made 3 days after.